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Ancient Maori Healing: Mirimiri and Romiromi

The ancient Maori healing modalities of Mirimiri and Romiromi are powerful restorative practices that bring rebalance, realignment, balance, clarity and wellness to the body, mind and spirit. Mirimiri and Romiromi assists the release of stress and tension from the body that accumulates as a by-product of hectic, modern day lifestyles.

Mirimiri helps to clear energetic blocks within the body that often result from physical or emotional trauma. Our human experiences are ‘remembered’; that is, held within cellular memory, deep in the physical body. Both Mirimiri and Romiromi work at this level, even deeper than what is commonly known as ‘Deep Tissue’.

Ka whai hua

ka whai mana, ka whai taonga

Ka heke, ka heke ki a ahau.

Ka heke ki a koe ano.

Ka heke te rongopae!

To substantiate one’s life

To gain the essence of one’s being

To understand one’s being is to know

all things descend to me

And what comes to me can come to you also.

For a new horizon is in sight!

- Manu Korewha


What Does Mirimiri mean?  What does Romiromi mean?

The simplest way to understand the linguistic origins and translation of both Mirimiri and Romiromi is to break each word down:

·        Mi – to stimulate

·        Ri – to agitate 

·        Ro – internal organs

·        Mi – to stimulate

It follows that Mirimiri stimulates and energises blood, bone, tissue and fluids… Romiromi includes a deeper layer of healing that affects the function of the internal organs.  Traditionally, both systems are practiced simultaneously and holistically, complementing one another to bring balance to the body and harmony to the mind.



Step outside your comfort zone and Experience Personal Transformation Through Mirimiri

Empowerment and growth through traditional maori healing

A popular misconception about Mirimiri is that it is simply a form of massage!

In reality, Mirimiri is much, much more. It is a philosophy, a way of life, a path back to wellness and inclusive of all people.

Mirimiri and Romiromi works to restore and balance your body AND mind, delivering harmonious healing on a spiritual level.

At Manawa Ora Mirimiri & Workshops, we practice authentic, traditional Mirimiri which is respectful of the teachings of Maori healing passed down from generation to generation. 



Learn Mirimiri Workshops: The Foundations in Mirimiri, Romiromi and Traditional Maori Healing

Te Roro O Te Rangi Marae, Rotorua, 2016

Te Roro O Te Rangi Marae, Rotorua, 2016

We offer fun, educational, hands-on, 2-day workshops for anyone who has an interest in Mirimiri, Romiromi or Maori healing and cultural concepts of health and wellbeing from a Te Ao Maori perspective. No experience is necessary; our workshops are suitable for beginners all the way through to established practitioners.


As a lifelong educator, Jolie Davis is passionate about empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing through Mirimiri and traditional healing knowledge and practices as a pathway back to reclaiming wellness.

Traditional practices such as Mirimiri and Romiromi are holistic in nature. Maori acknowledge that the human body comprises connected systems that must first be cleared and then energised to ensure continued wellbeing.

The workshops include technique, demonstrations, hands-on practice and most importantly the cultural concepts and philosophies behind everything we do.

Attendees often experience dramatic personal transformation and healing during workshops.

To date, successful workshops have been delivered in Wellington, Rotorua, Taupo (New Zealand), Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane (Australia).  For enquiries, contact us today.  


Mauri Ora

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