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I had the privilege of attending one of Jolie’s workshops this past weekend and what an amazing experience it was. I walked into this workshop with two goals in mind one was to build my knowledge and learn how to heal others and the other is to get to a point where caring for our people isn't bound by systems. Jolie is the real deal and she shared with us amazing knowledge and skill that by far achieved the first goal, but even more she gave me the ability to visualize the second goal as achievable. The biggest surprise this weekend brought was the amount of personal growth and self healing I got. My future is much clearer. Jolie asked what our expectations were for the course...but I didn't really set any because I was happy to soak up whatever she was willing to offer me and well her knowledge and skill by far surpass anything I would have set. E te rangatira, Jolie.

T Kokori - Upper Hutt


Since the Manawa Ora workshop and I have grown so much and continuing. It was a powerful weekend of learning the gifts of our tupuna. Jolie Davis mihi aroha ano for sharing these gifts. Wahine maa thank you all for holding this space with aroha manaakitanga wairua.

R Skipper - Chch


2 weeks ago today I did my 1st Mirimiri workshop. I didn’t know exactly what I was going into, I just knew I needed something, that something opened my eyes and ears up. I actually had a perception that Mirimiri was some sort of massage, but hardcore - well how wrong I was!

Jolie Davis and her beautiful team of gifted healers, helped me understand what the true meaning of a Mirimiri workshop. Some of us think that physical pain is the culprit, but underneath all those bloody layers, we have the true culprit! and sadly it’s in the form of our everyday self!

What I mean is we bury shit, deep inside weather it be trauma, abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, relationship problems, work problems, whanau problems the bloody list goes on! We have to get our flow back, and for me that’s what happened!

I really took better control of me, I made myself responsible again I opened my eyes to what I was doing to my wairua. Before I met Jolie, I have been on opioids for nearly 2 and a half years! Strong anti inflammatories, nerve blockers, and other medications to help with the side effects, if I told you all how many, you would probably think WTF!

If you truly want help, you need to do this workshop, remember go whole heartedly, your physical pain is only the top layer xx True Story

I’ve been drug free, my husband and son have definitely seen the change, they said I look peaceful…..I do my mahi everyday, I practice on myself I stopped listening to everything crap, on tv, on social media, and with people etc!

I am active in my life again, I’ve been swimming I don’t even swim! I eat way different, smaller portions and healthier lots of fish etc.

I take my workbook and rakau everywhere I go, and I say a karakia every morning, noon and night! Thank you, Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Melbourne again. Ps I can’t look at the videos yet, it still hurts to look at me xx

Tarnz, Melbourne


I love the realness and rawness of Jolie and her team. Combined with their genuine desire to share knowledge and from a place of aroha makes the investment of time and coin more than worthwhile. There is no pandering or fluffing around, it's straight to the bones ;) I went with the intention to learn and came out the other end with so much more than knowledge. I look forward to the next one.

A Cowie - Palmerston North


I attended one of these beautiful workshops and would definately recommend to everyone! I thought I was going to learn how to heal and help others, but not only did I learn how to do that, I was also healed myself. I have suffered a lower back injury for about 4 years and im only 23 so I have had doctors tell me its a spine problem, its curvature, its this and its that. I sometimes wouldn't be able to walk or sleep at all. Couldn't afford to pay $60 a session at the physio on my student budget so I have just learned to live with the pain, like a constant massive headache, day in and day out. So coming into the workshop it didnt even cross my mind that I would be the one to get healing too. And im so so so grateful to have had Jolie, her team and our whanau from the workshop heal me. I wish I could give the kindness and healing that I received in the weekend back to them. But I know our wairua planned this wananga a long time ago; to heal, learn and help each other.

A Henry - Otaki


I've been privileged enough to have recently experienced Manawa Ora Mirimiri. She is a truly gifted healer in her treatment for injury and pain. I've seen so many healers and specialists for my chronic jaw pain which I've suffered from for many years, and she basically wiped it out in one session. She doesn't want to see you over and over again, her genuine and authentic goal is to fix the problem in front of her. I appreciate her very direct and "no-fluff" approach to healing, just going straight to the point, and doing what needs to be done. In terms of the workshop, I never considered myself a 'healer' so wasn't sure if it was for me. But it most definitely was…I struggle to find the words to truly convey what you experience here as it is so 'experiential' and a massive eye-opening, transformational journey. Not your average workshop for sure, there are some deep lessons and amazing shifts that will happen and I'm going to do it again! If you are interested in healing (for yourself and others), spirituality, Te Ao Maori and connecting with like minded people, this workshop is for you.

M Benconcini - Kapiti


Hi Jolie,
I wanted to reach out and really thank you from the bottom of my heart. There was something let free over that weekend and everything around me is changing for the better.
I didn't mention to you about my eldest daughter Mia but I would like to share with you now...
Befor she was born I also miscarried ... she was brought into this world via emergency C-section and was the most traumatic experience, that I had blocked out to the point I didn't remember...for years.
Like you had mentioned they are often sick kids yeh... and I often though there was something as she always got sick and was quiet lean and lanky and then seeing the diffrence between her and her sister Nya who never gets sick, is so hearty and healthy.
When you started talking about your son you really grabbed my attention because about 2 months ago I started to notice one of Mia's feet was different to the other and it started causing her some pain to the point we were going to the doctors and having xray, scan, and ultrasound with nothing showing up... even they were confused as they could see the difference also.
During my treatment Mia's birth was one of the things that came up for me and I felt soo much energy and emotion around it... I honestly thought it was no longer something I held on to.
Within days of comming home I could see the change in her... my mum and sisters have been commenting on how good she looks... and for me I have seen the life and energy come back to my baby she looks and feels healthy and her feet look normal again and no pain.
To add to this, for the first time in nearly 10 years, I can now sleep for more than 4hrs at a time and wake with no pain…I can't remember my body feeling this good.
You have awakened me on such a deep level.
I thought I understood and quiet often preached to others... the importance of healing ourselves and looking after ourselves, after your workshop I can honesty say I get it....
So again Thank you.
From my heart to yours.

Jess Ainsworth - Melbourne


I attended this 2 day workshop in Brisbane and being Maori away from home It absolutely grounded me back to my roots. My intuition is heightened, my connection to Papatuanuku and Tangaroa is amplified and I feel peaceful clarity over things that had really really been stressing me.

I’ve been going through a shift the last 6 months and I feel like the physical mahi I had on my body worked out all the past,negative stagnant energy like you would wring out a dishcloth. I feel so much gratitude, grounding and resolute motivation in my future decisions and pathway and my body feels released from toxins. I had a dramatic and magical experience and learned so much from Jolie, Rob, Tux and Tony that I have brought back to my whanau and everyday life on the GoldCoast.

Nga mihi Jolie and whanau for reawakening and reaffirming the magic that is Manawa Ora Mirimiri

E Dawn - Queensland, Australia


I've just had another amazing weekend (workshop) Wananga with Jolie Davis from Manawa Ora & her Whanau (crew that is family). We began sharing, opening our hearts to each other & connecting to the threads that bind us all together as one big human family!
Connection to ourselves each other & the unseen is what we are reminded of... re-membering our pieces by arriving back in our sacred homes, our bodies!
How did we get there? Sticks, stones, tears, sounds, singing, laughter... by being seen, present, real. And poked, pressed, crunched too, with the occasional gentle pat!
Mirimiri is fearless, pragmatic, layered beyond measure & simple.
There is an ocean of learning yet to come... but man this work, this culture, those people drawn together to awaken potential it is so inspiring!

Self care was my 'take away' from the weekend.
Are you looking after yourself?

G Holmes, Melbourne


The workshop is amazing. Jolie and her Whanau are beautiful, caring and supportive. The other participants are awesome. The space is safe for everyone to learn at their own level and in their own time.

I highly recommend for learning new skills, healing yourself and healing others, meeting amazing new people and just listening to all the mana knowledge experience that Jolie shares.

H Manuel - Auckland


Jolie has provided a space where people who have little or no understanding of Mirimiri can come and learn alongside those with a much deeper practice. She presents the content in a way that is both approachable and in depth.

The presentation of cultural knowledge and background compliments and prepares you for the transition to hands-on practice. There is appropriate time dedicated to demonstrating some of more involved/advanced healing while also presenting the basics that you begin to use right away. And perhaps most importantly, the workshop and practice of Mirimiri will help to rebalance your connection to your body and your spirituality.

This workshop is artfully crafted and was a privilege to attend. Come with an open heart and mind and you will not be disappointed!

S Rich - Taupo


Kia Ora whanau! Last weekend I got right out of my comfort zone and took part in the Melbourne Mirimiri Workshop. Until then I felt so extremely disconnected from myself and discontent with life. I've always been a seeker of truth and strongly believe that the way we currently live in this colonised capitalist society is so wrong and unnatural! I had been beaten down by living a corporate lifestyle for the past decade and also very disconnected from the knowledge of my own people. When I saw this workshop advertised I finally put aside the whakamaa of being fair skinned and rejected and started to drive myself towards the path of learning this knowledge instead of shying away. I knew I had to persevere in order to heal the inter-generational trauma within my family and break the cycle.

Jolie was such an incredible and inspiring teacher and I was so blown away with her knowledge, confidence and beautiful way she delivered this training along with the rest of the Manawa Ora whanau. Mirimiri and Romiromi are so practical, so logical, yet incorporate emotional and spiritual aspect which are so important in healing as whole being, SO many people can be healed and transformed with this!

Jolie did some mahi on me which released years of tension and stress from body (have been to all sorts of doctors/specialist for RSI but nothing compares or has ever given me so much relief) Thank you deep down from the bottom of my heart not only for sharing this wisdom, but you have truly inspired me that there is hope for not only my own healing but my whanau and all the entire world. To all my friends and family if you ever get an opportunity to take part in one of these workshops, please do it! The transformation and healing that takes is truly incredible! Healing is for everyone! Mauri Ora!!! xxxx

A Tutaki - Melbourne


Highly, highly recommend attending. This is one of the best personal development & therapeutic experiences I have ever done. From the moment you walk through the door, the learning of self begins. Jolie & her crew go over and beyond, delivering a passionate heart-centred course.

If you are looking to shift some blocks to learn new skills to add to your learning basket, this is amazing! You will want to attend!

Thanks for clearing out some internal blocks I held on to for so long! I’m now ready to conquer my journey in life.

Mauri Ora

Aniwaniwa Mahanga - Melbourne


My journey so far has been great, im still feeling awesome, Physically, Mentally, Emotinally and Intuitively clearer towards my hikoi on MY PATH to Healing thy self first and fore most and I have felt a "Shift" in my life. My neck is not as puffy and since, my back has been great and then I have also LOST 5kgs without trying!....Also my woman monthly has become lighter and had been extremly heavy the past 6 months....not this time sunshine!

I had previuosly tried alsorts to lose weight but it just wouldnt shift! I know within myself that when I stress and hold tention and emotion I get added kilos! Yip, I have known this for a while but never knew where to start on how to clear the blockages Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually and since Jolie Davis dug deep into me with her knowledge and skills my life has started to change and started my path to heal after a recent traumatic event along with past mamae that I didnt realise still had a huge impact on me! But all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH. If you hold on to past emotions, life events, health problems you can make a change with Mirimiri/Romiromi and believe it works but most of all let go of everything and be open to make that "SHIFT" happen!

I felt I was meant to be there that weekend even before I arrived, I knew deep down that it was going to help me and I asked my tupuna also to help guide me.and take it all away! The weight loss was an added bonus I was there for the spiritual and emotional blockages and to LEARN LEARN LEARN.

I will be back again and can not recommend Jolie and the Manawa Ora whanau enough. Its been two weeks now since my Romiromi healing and still feel fantastic!

Mauri Ora!

A Hubbard, Melbourne


Jolie and the Manawa Ora crew make all the participants of this incredible workshop feel like whanau (family) passing down ancient knowledge and powerful healing tools in a fun and easy-to-learn way that resonates as truth through your whole body. It’s amazing to see the transformation that takes place with people; lighting up and regaining their place and purpose.

Attending for the second time I was able to measure the astronomical change that had occured in me from the previous year! Miracles happen at these workshops.

I am deeply grateful to call Manawa Ora whanau.

H Marino, Melbourne


Karawhiua!! If you feel the slightest bit of interest or intrigued to do a Manawa Ora workshop DO IT!!! Since I attended a workshop in Kapiti, the impact it has had on my life has been amazing!! Jolie and her roopu are amazing and make you feel comfortable while stepping out of your comfort zone; could not recommend these workshops or Jolie enough!

K Mccarthy - Taihape


Soul filling, mind blowing experience! Take the journey to find the real you. Jolie and her team are a wealth of knowledge, culture and healing. A weekend spent with this amazing team will change your life. So glad I made the trip to attend the workshop. I have met some amazing people and have grown my understanding of what it means to be a wicked wahine healer. No BS, just real knowledge, compassion and understanding.

I Recommend to anyone wanting to get real with life and take steps forward to start a real journey from the heart.

T Barkley - Brisbane

Jolie is an incredible healer and teacher. I did the Manawa Ora Mirimiri workshop with Jolie and her amazing team and I learnt so much, this is the real deal whanau. Have also been seeing Jolie for private sessions, my body has never felt better, I highly recommend Jolie's workshops and getting one on one mirimiri from her. J Vernon - Kapiti

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