Sydney Maori Healing Workshops

Ancient Maori healing comes to Wombarra, NSW in January 2019!

Manawa Ora Mirimiri & Workshops are delighted to bring our Maori Healing & Bodywork Workshop to the Scarborough-Wombarra Surf Livesaving Club; about 50 minutes’ drive from central Sydney along the picturesque South Coast of NSW.

We have received many requests to bring our Workshops to NSW from the extensive Kiwi / Maori population who have made Sydney their home.  We choose to facilitate the workshops away from the busy city centre and all its distractions, and instead run our events from the relaxing, peaceful seaside suburb of Wombarra: perfect for cultivating a harmonious vibe for learning and practicing wellbeing.

The Mirimiri workshop can be a powerful experience for many who are learning about Mirimiri, Romiromi and Maori healing for the first time. At the end of the weekend, we encourage everyone to return home to their own whanau (family and friends) to practise and share what they have learned.

 2 Day Mirimiri & Romiromi Workshop

Some of the concepts we cover on the Mirimiri Workshop include working intuitively (Whatumanawa), and also working with and understanding energy.  We teach that MAURI is an energy or life force that exists in everything and is vital to life and good health.

Maintaining the flow of Mauri; ensuring it is active and moving in the right way is one focus of Mirimiri and Romiromi.

Other subjects covered include:

  • The importance of Self-care

  • Introduction to floorwork

  • Haemata (Maori Pressure Points)

  • Working the waewae (feet)

  • Using natural tools such as Rakau (stickwork) and kohatu (stones)

  • Safe practice

  • The importance of grounding

  • Using Karakia and Takutaku (intentional prayer) to support the work at all times

  • Concepts of health and wellbeing from a Te Ao Maori perspective 

Jolie Davis; Mirimiri & Romiromi practitioner

Jolie Davis; Mirimiri & Romiromi practitioner

Facilitating your workshop, Jolie Davis is an experienced, respected practitioner of Mirimiri and Romiromi from Te Rarawa/Ngati Kuri iwi.

Jolie covers the foundational terminology of Mirimiri and Romiromi: what it means, how it works, and the various different aspects of each practice. 

We always work to maintain the integrity of Mirimiri as a powerful healing modality – it is incorrect to refer to Mirimiri and Romiromi as merely massage or massage therapy!

A well-known Maori saying (whakatauki) is: “He aha te mea nui o te Ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata” - What is the most important thing in the world?  It is people, people, people. 

With the increasing interest and growing movement to return to traditional healing and wellbeing practices, we hope to return to Sydney every year. Mauri ora!

Sydney Mirimiri Workshop dates for 2019 are: January 26th-27th (Australia Day Weekend) and January 31st – February 1st (Weekday event - Thurs/Friday).

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