Client Testimonials

Painful sciatica led me to Jolie at Manawa Ora and after one session of some necessary deep & painful body work, I was set on the healing path. Recently Jolie also very generously shared her knowledge of self care with rakau at our Future Leaders Rangatahi Mental Health Awareness Hui in Kapiti. Much gratitude…T Te Ruha - Kapiti

I've been privileged enough to have recently experienced Manawa Ora Mirimiri from Jolie Davis and also her workshops. She is a truly gifted healer in her treatment for injury and pain. I've seen so many healers and specialists for my chronic jaw pain which I've suffered from for many years, and she basically wiped it out in one session. She doesn't want to see you over and over again, her genuine and authentic goal is to fix the problem in front of her. I appreciate her very direct and "no-fluff" approach to healing, just going straight to the point, and doing what needs to be done. If you've suffered from pain and injury make an appointment today! A word of warning, mirimiri is not massage people!…M Benconcini, Kapiti

Went in to have work done to my back. Was a bit sceptical as I was a believer in chiropractors. Was blown away by the work, care and knowledge that went into my treatment. Will be returning for more. An hour of pain is worth the life of discomfort I've been suffering. Thanks Jolie…W McCullough, Porirua

Jolie has a gift in her ability to find the focus of pain and bring relief. Pain that has sat in my body for years that over time I have come to accept as being a part of me. I have had 2 Mirimiri sessions with Jolie, my first concentrated on trying to relieve migraine pain and the second focused on hip/back pain and now can’t believe the difference in my ability to move freely and without pain. It’s a work in progress as anything that has built up over 14+ years would be...M Voght, Kapiti

After living with chronic pain for nearly a decade, I have never felt so ALIVE! I had given up on ever living a pain free life, now I can honestly say, JOLIE IS A MAGICIAN! There are no words for what you have done for me…L Reedy, Porirua

Jolie, I am so very appreciative for your time and healing hands this morning. This was my first experience of Mirimiri and it was AH-MAZIIIING!! I knew I was sore and why but not to the depths you went today. My whole experience was what I needed and it came to be at the right time. I felt the change within myself instantly! As I walked out after our session, I had an overwhelming sense come over me and wanted to cry. Happy tears because I connected on so many levels to my experience. I went straight to the beach and stood barefoot on the grass and sand, taking in deep breaths and releasing out to the universe. I was so relaxed as I drove home I didn't even want the music on, my posture was more upright rather than leaning in to middle console! If you want a similar experience whanau, I highly recommend Manawa Ora Mirimiri to everyone in need of healing…W Wikaire, Wellington

I am in deep gratitude to Jolie for the way she worked with my in a private bodywork mirimiri session. She is so intuitively guided, and has bought flow back into my body where I was holding a lot of grief, tension and she picked up that I had two miscarriages and even though i thought i had really worked through the loss of these two souls, there was still more in the cellular level that was ready to be released. I loved the way she creates sacred space, takes her time, really listened to where I was at and was fully fully present for me and my energy body and physical body. I highly recommend a session with Jolie, if you really want to activate all the self healing channels within you. Deep love and respect to you Jolie…B Meir, Kapiti

Jolie is great and takes a lot of time to listen and understand the issues. I've tried physio, osteopath etc for my sciatica and in one session Jolie has done more for me than all of that combined. I broke my neck 6 years ago so always worried about "alternative" medicine but no more. Felt completely comfortable and safe throughout what was a pretty gnarly treatment. Can't wait to go again!..A Langely, Raumati

Jolie is an incredible healer and teacher. I did the Manawa Ora Mirimiri workshop with Jolie and her amazing team and I learnt so much, this is the real deal whanau. Have also been seeing Jolie for private sessions, my body has never felt better, I highly recommend Jolie's workshops and getting one on one mirimiri from her...J Vernon, Kapiti

Really happy with my visit to Jolie today. I'm really sore but my muscles and joints are definitely feeling a lot more free. I can already see how life changing a few treatments will be. Everything you said connected in with what I suspected reminding me I know my body better than what the doctors do! I bought all your recommendations on my way home too :)…K Leger, Kapiti

5 stars...highly recommended. I had been procrastinating about going to see Jolie but wish I had gone sooner. Thank you so much Jolie you are amazing and I am grateful that you were able to fit me in...lots to think about and action. Body was so tense and sore but afterwards felt a lot of relief. Can't thank you enough…K Thomason, Kapiti