Kapiti Coast Maori Healing Workshops

 Experience and learn ancient Maori healing in Kapiti, Paraparaumu in 2019. 

Our Kapiti workshops are held at Kapiti College Marae and the name of the Whare Tupuna (Maori ancestral house) is Kia Aio Te Noho.

Kapiti College Marae, Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast

Kapiti College Marae, Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast

Just 45 minutes north of Wellington, and serviced by its own airport in Paraparaumu (which receives direct flights from Auckland daily), the Kapiti Coast is home to Manawa Ora Mirimiri & Workshops, as well as founder Jolie Davis.

Our Maori healing workshops in Kapiti focus on teaching the foundations of Mirimiri, Romiromi and Maori Healing and are suitable for anyone with an interest in Maori medicine and culture, at any level, whether beginner or established practitioner. 

For many course attendees, our workshops are the first time they will fully learn the Maori perspective to foundational cultural concepts of health and wellbeing.  The Marae at Kapiti College is the perfect venue, culturally and spiritually, to deliver this learning and enhance the experience for our visitors.

In addition to technique, you will learn the concepts and philosophy that underpin all the work we undertake in Mirimiri, Romiromi and Maori Bodywork. 

The word ‘Whai Ora’ describes a person who ‘seeks wellness’ and therefore needs help to access their own ability to self-heal and safely transition from one state to another.  This can be a transition moving from conflict to peace, from unwellness to wellbeing, from darkness to light, or from ignorance to understanding.  This is the realm of Mirimiri.

Some of the topics introduced over the 2-day foundation workshop include:

·       Floorwork

·       Rakau (stickwork)

·       Haemata (Maori pressure points)

·       Using kohatu (stones to apply pressure to Haemata)

·       Working with energy

·       Whatumanawa (intuitive diagnosis)

·       Working with energy in practical ways

·       Hands on practice

·       Group discussion and sharing

·       Learning Waiata (traditional song) and Karakia (intention prayer)

 Jolie provides appropriate demonstrations and often treats presenting conditions in willing volunteers (ie: a course attendee may have back pain or a chronic health condition that we can work with in the group).


This affords our visitors the opportunity to experience and observe Mirimiri in action.

It is often the case that attendees experience their own healing and transformation during the course of the 2-day programme.  We encourage every group we teach to continue with their healing journey, meet regularly for peer support and to continue to practice with each other following the completion of the workshop.

Forthcoming dates for Kapiti workshops are shown below.  Please note that as we are a Kapiti Coast based organisation ourselves, we are able to facilitate multiple workshops in this location, and as such, multiple workshop events are planned for 2019.

Cost: $390 NZ

Check out all of our forthcoming workshop dates, or to reserve your place for our next Kapiti workshop, click on the button below:

Kapiti College Marae, Raumati, Paraparaumu, NZ

Kapiti College Marae, Raumati, Paraparaumu, NZ

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